Medium Well: Telling Stories In All Forms


We love talking about storytelling in all its forms here at Story Punk but not much love has been shown toward the medium of video games, not intentionally of course. Writing in the video game field has expanded exponentially as technology has advanced enough to accommodate a more cinematic feel to our gameplay experience.  Telltale Games has virtually (no pun intended) created a whole business model around games that are primarily story driven. We’ve come a long way from the days of Dodge’em and Pitfall.

In May of this year Blizzard Entertainment released the highly anticipated multiplayer first person shooter Overwatch. Unfortunately Overwatch did not have a single player campaign mode so there was not much story contained in game.  However this does not mean that there is no story behind the characters of the Overwatch universe. Blizzard has released a series of animated shorts via their dedicated Overwatch YouTube  channel detailing backstory for some of the characters with the expectation of more to be released in the future. Make no mistake this is not just some throw away supplemental content. These are solid short stories that give a peek into a much larger world that lay beyond the game. These shorts have a Pixar like quality (if Pixar had guns) and are well worth your time, regardless if you actually play the game.

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